Kenwood Chef And Major A701A To A901 Gearbox Conversion To Direct Drive Kit.


701/901 Gearbox  Conversion Kit

Product Description

Kenwood Chef or Major A701, A701A, A702, A703, A707 & A717

Gearbox Upgrade Conversion to Direct Drive kit.

This kit contains all Brand New Kenwood Parts.

Kenwood part numbers KW696586, KW650130, KW696574

By simply exchanging the gears in the kit, for the ones in the gearbox,

you can convert your gearbox to run like a 901 Gearbox.

This means that your converted gearbox,

 will now allow you to run both the liquidiser and the mixer at the same time.

This works by removing the ‘clutch dog assembly’ totally from the gearbox.

Q. Hi, what exactly are the benefits of converting my gearbox?

A. The 701 gearbox has Spur gears, which make more noise, upon face to face meshing.

The 901 has both Spur and Helical, thus less ‘meshing noise’, so a quieter running mixer.

The clutch dog threads can strip, rendering the 701 gearbox, in a ‘out of action’ state.

Finally, this kit allows the use of both the mixer and liquidiser, by implementing a direct drive.

A helical gear should be considered for smooth, high power, low noise applications.

The kit includes…

1 x Coarsed Tooth Drive belt pulley with a M6 nut

1 x Modified Drive Pinion.

1 x Intermediate Gear.

1 x Penultimate Gear

4 x Shim washers.

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