Kitchenaid Blender Jar Base / Collar With Blades Empire Red (Twist On) W10279517


Blender Base For KSB555 / KSB565

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Product Description

KitchenAid Blender Jar Base / Collar with Blades.

Comes in Empire Red.

Twist on version for KSB555, KSB565 and others.

Genuine Kitchenaid Spare Part.

Replacement part Number W10279517

Will fit 5KSB555 & KSB565 range. Will not fit 5KSB5 range.

Jug Seal not supplied but available under other listings.

Fits the following models…

5KSB555SWH0, 5KSB555SER0, 5KSB555SGR0, 5KSB555SOB0, 5KSB555EAC0, 5KSB555EER0, 5KSB555EGR0,

5KSB555EOB0, 5KSB555EWH0, 5KSB555EBU0, 5KSB555ECR0, 5KSB555EMY0, 5KSB555ENK0, 5KSB555EPM0

5KSB555ETG0, 5KSB555EPK0, 5KSB555ECS0, 5KSB555BAC0, 5KSB555BER0, 5KSB555BMY0, 5KSB555BOB0,

5KSB555BWH0, 5KSB555BBU0, 5KSB555BPK0, 5KSB555BNK0, 5KSB555BPM0, 5KSB555BCS0.

KSB565WH0, KSB565OB0, KSB565ER0, KSB565GC0, KSB565SM0,

KSB565BU0, KSB565AC0.

5KSB555EGA0, 5KSB5553BAC0, 5KSB5553BER0, 5KSB5553BOB0,

5KSB5553BWH0, 5KSB5553BBU0, 5KSB5553BCR0, 5KSB5553BMY0, 5KSB5553BNK0

5KSB5553BPM0, 5KSB5553BPK0, 5KSB5553BCS0, 5KSB5553BGA0, 5KSB555AAC0,

5KSB555AER0 5KSB555AGR0 5KSB555AOB0 5KSB555AWH0.

This item will not fit the following models..

5KSB5B, 5KSB5E, 5KSB5A, 5KSB5S, 5KSB52B, 5KSB52E, 5KSB52A and 5KSB52S.

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