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Wpro Magic Covers Vacuum Air Seal Covers 484000000770 HCO200


Magic Covers Vacuum Air Seal Covers

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Product Description

Magic Vacuum Air Tight Covers
Wpro HCO200

Pack of 2.
Actual Colours may vary from the image.

Totally airtight, these covers are used to preserve foods longer in the fridge.
Suitable for all shapes of container, reusable, can be used in the freezer, fridge and microwave.
Diameter 15cm & 21cm.

Eliminates the need for Cling Film.

These magic covers from Wpro feature a unique air filter that prevents the formation of bacteria in the air inside the refrigerator.
So now if you have made your favourite dish and you need to keep it fresh, simply place the magic cover over your container and seal all that freshness and flavour with ease.

Thanks to the Wpro “vacuum” effect your food will remain fresher for longer and the covers are compatible with most containers.

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